Spiderman Homecoming

You have watched many of the latest superhero movies and have noticed that most start out good to great and then are ruined by a big CGI monster battle at the end or they just fall flat in terms of excitement. (Most of the Zach Snyder films seems to have this fault).

Instead, this movie starts out cheesy and predictable. It is still fun despite Tom Holland’s annoying voice – which is even made fun of during the movie in one scene. Just about when you think the movie is about to end and totally can’t go anywhere, a cool plot twist reveal is made and then the movie heats up. Then there are a few more Easter egg mini reveals and the movie ends on a roll of being overall a good Spiderman movie. I will not spoil it for you, but I can say I now see why the homecoming dance part is important and why the name of the movie. Overall, Michael Keaton did a great job as a very understandable villain. Keaton’s character was more of a Walter White, where you find yourself sympathizing with his cause, to some degree.  He shows that he is not totally evil, and this consistency remains even at the end of credits closing scene.

Overall, despite a slow cheesy start, this movie gets an AWESOME for re-establishing Spiderman and enabling us to look forward to at least one sequel.  For quantitive rating, we will give this one a 4 and a half out of five Popcorn Tubs!

Let us know what you think by reviewing it yourself in the comments below! Is it awesome or nawesome and why?

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